Brave Enough for Two | Book Review

Title: Brave Enough for Two
Author: Jonathan D. Voss.
Illustrator: Jonathan D. Voss.
Publisher: Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)
ISBN: 978 125012 7488
Age Range: 4-8 Years Old

Publisher’s Synopsis

In the spirit of Goodnight Moon and The Night Gardener comes a heartwarming picture book about friendship that is sure to become a classic from debut author-illustrator Jonathan D. Voss.

Olive is a little girl who likes the types of adventures that exist in books. Her best friend Hoot, a stuffed-animal owl, prefers the ones that take place in the real world. Today, Hoot gets to pick the adventures. At first, Olive isn’t sure if she’s brave enough for the activities Hoot has picked: flying a makeshift hot-air balloon and navigating raging rivers. But when her dearest friend gets hurt, Olive discovers that she’s not only brave, she’s brave enough for two.

Told with whimsical text and filled with bold, captivating illustrations, Brave Enough for Two is the story of a little girl, her stuffed-animal owl, and their loving friendship.

Brave Enough for Two | Snuggleosophy Review



I love the way that Jonathan D. Voss has captured the characters and story in his artwork. The book has an old, vintage feel to it. It feels like a worn out story, read hundreds of times, even though you’re turning the pages for the first time. The vintage feel carries through to the characters as well. Everything has an old sketchbook style to it. This style makes the story feel deeply personal. It’s as though you are looking at the pages of someone’s journal rather than reading a store-bought book.

The characters do not have distinct facial expressions. Yet, each page in its colors and tone show the emotion that the author wants to convey. Soft, earthy colors are combined with splashes of primary colors throughout the pages. It makes each page visually captivating. The artist’s attention to detail allows you to discover new elements each time you read through.



Olive and Hoot balance each other out. They show each other the importance of different types of adventures and support each other throughout. The message of true friendship and love is clear from the beginning. While not all of us can be brave all the time, we can be brave for our friends when they need us.

“So long as I’m here and you are there, and here and there aren’t very far apart, we can never be lost”

–Olive, Brave Enough for Two.

The fact that the main character is a little girl isn’t lost on me. It is important to show children stories with little girls being brave and going on adventures. However, while Olive is brave during her adventures with Hoot, she still prefers to live her adventures through books. There is a lot of adventure out in the world, but you can have so many more through reading.

For me, as a person affected by depression and anxiety, and now as a mother fighting the battle of being a single parent, I think that the book holds an incredibly important message. When we need to be, we can pull through our fears and be strong for those we hold dear. As friends and as parents alike, we can be brave enough for two.



Reading Brave Enough for Two, I am instantly reminded of the narrators in old children’s cartoons with a deep, resounding voice. It is the kind of writing that makes you feel like you’re being hugged; that you are safe. The language is simple enough to allow beginning readers to follow along, but not so simple that it plays to their level. It reads as a true storybook, a classic, with thought and heart behind the story.

Would I Recommend this Book?

Yes, I would whole-heartedly recommend this book. If you are looking for a new story for bedtime or a gift for a child in your life, this book is perfect. Aside from being a heartfelt story that promotes friendship and bravery, it is really a beautiful piece of art to share with your family.

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