Holiday DIY Projects — Cotton Ball Snowflakes

Cotton Ball Snowflakes are a project that you can do at home for low cost, and it is easy for small children and toddlers to do on their own! (While supervised, of course!)

Cotton Ball Snowflakes

Cotton Ball Snowflakes

To make these simple snowflakes, you’ll only need a few items:

  • Construction paper (colored is best)
  • Cotton balls
  • Glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Glitter or beads (optional)

To begin this craft, choose a piece of construction paper to work with. I personally chose a deep blue to contrast with the cotton.

Next, dip your paintbrush in some glue. Regular school glue will do just fine for this. Brush the glue in lines that resemble a snowflake. Be sure to make the lines thick enough for the cotton balls to stick to, and to make the outline large enough for your kiddos to work with.

While the glue is still wet, hand your kids some cotton balls and let ’em go to town! Also, if you’re a glitter nut (as I am), you can add a little extra glue to the paper surrounding the cotton ball snowflake, and sprinkle some glitter or beads for some extra holiday cheer (and mess)!

If you time this right, you might be able to occupy your kids with this project while you sneak away to wrap some presents!

Let us know if you try this project and send in your photos! Get creative! We will feature some of your creations in a future post on the site!

Also, be sure to check out our other holiday DIY posts for more project ideas!

I hope you have fun and happy holidays!

Meghan recently graduated Central Washington University with her B.A. in Education, specializing in Early Childhood Education and Development and is a certified K-12 teacher. She is fluent in American Sign Language (ASL) and is interested in expanding her knowledge of other international sign languages.


  1. i did something similar this past christmas – we glued together popsicle sticks, then glued the cotton balls to the sticks. we also made some alternating glued on pompoms and sequins. then hot glue-gunned a shimmery piece of ribbon to it – they turned out gorgeous!

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