Moving Day with a Toddler

Moving day arrived, and we were not ready.

There were still things in closets, thrown about, the apartment was nowhere near clean and we had already made 4 trips over to the storage unit at the new apartment to take things over.

Luckily, Amanda decided that she would sleep through the night (a rare occasion), and we got some much needed rest. Another stroke of luck came when the movers told us they would be late, giving us ample time to prepare things for them.

Caitlin selfie moving day
Had to stop for a selfie

We took Amanda to daycare and got to work. It was a rough day. By the end of it, we were both exhausted. There came a point that evening where I was watching Amanda and falling asleep just sitting there. My body ached and Felipe’s more so as he was the one that had to do most of the heavy lifting (since my pregnancy, my muscle mass has diminished to non-existent).

But, we did it. We managed to set up our bed and we crashed into it harder than a 4 car pileup on the interstate.

Friday we organized like crazy, and it was much lower key. Amanda was happy exploring her new home and getting into everything she shouldn’t. It was a great day!

Amanda helping on moving day
Amanda helped out too!

Then came the night.

Amanda started vomiting around 11:30 PM like a creature out of a horror flick. This continued until about 4:30 in the morning. No sleep occurred in our household. It was miserable. She didn’t want to eat anything all day Saturday, but she did manage to sleep a good part of the day. We continued organizing and getting things put away, but the exhaustion set in again.

Sick Amanda
My poor snuggle baby

Sunday was a new day and with it came a new energy. Amanda was feeling much better, as if she hadn’t exorcised her innards, and ate like normal. I finally cleaned up the kitchen, and Felipe organized the closet. There is still a lot to do, but we’re on a good track to getting our new home set up.

Empty apartment on moving day
One last look…
Looking around our empty apartment, I had mixed feelings.

This apartment was my first home in Santiago, my first permanent home in Chile. I came running home to it crying when I was robbed, I brought my daughter home to it after she was born…how could I leave this place behind?

While I am so glad for the new beginning, it is bittersweet to have to leave and let this all fade into a distant memory.

However, these moments in our lives don’t come often. It is a chance for new beginnings, a new routine. It is a chance to get out of our old habits and work toward being healthier and happier for the three of us.

Happy Amanda exploring new apartment
How can any place with this girl be anything but home?

Our first weekend in our new apartment was just as our lives, filled with highs and lows, joy and sadness; a rollercoaster of emotions. My greatest hope for our new home is that no matter what happens in our lives, that it becomes a source of comfort and receives us with its warmth.

Caitlin is the managing director of Snuggleosophy and the mother of 1-1/2 year old Amanda. She has lived as an expat in Santiago, Chile for the past 7 years and speaks English and Spanish fluently. She loves to promote reading for children starting from birth as well as multilingual and multicultural parenting. For her day job, she is a pricing and transportation analyst for international freight.

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