Remembering Sandy Hook, 5 years On

Stone angel

With heavy hearts, we remember the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy 5 years on. May their souls be at peace though this world is not. As parents and educators, we want to ensure a safe learning environment for all.

While we cannot undo the events of the past, we can prevent tragedies from occurring in the future.

How can You Make a Difference?

If you would like to donate to a worthy cause, please consider donating to Sandy Hook Promise in remembrance of these childrens’ lives and the bright futures that were violently stripped from them.

I promise to do all I can to protect children from gun violence by encouraging and supporting solutions that create safer, healthier homes, schools and communities —

May peace and love be in your heart today.


Caitlin is the managing director of Snuggleosophy and the mother of 1-1/2 year old Amanda. She has lived as an expat in Santiago, Chile for the past 7 years and speaks English and Spanish fluently. She loves to promote reading for children starting from birth as well as multilingual and multicultural parenting. For her day job, she is a pricing and transportation analyst for international freight.

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