The Fear of Becoming a Father

So, this is my first Snuggleosophy article. I am not a father and like most, the thought of fatherhood is terrifying. Before I met my wife, Meghan, I had no desire to have children. Five years later, I proposed to my best friend and know that at some point we plan to have children. This was still a terrifying thought!

During the past year, my sister and brother-in-law introduced our first niece Amanda into our lives. This was the first baby that I have ever really interacted with. There is large generation gap in my family and I had no previous experience with small children, especially newborns. While I don’t get to see Amanda very often due to the 6000 mile separation between families, the few times that I have been able to interact in person were terrifying.

The first time I held her and played with her, she felt extremely fragile and I was terrified to hurt her. This was even worse the first time that I helped change her outfit. However, while I was scared, everyone in their family kept saying that I was a natural and that I would be a great father! Even to this day, I am not sure that I fully believe this and will just have to wait until Meghan and I have our first child to test the theory.

In November of this year, my brother and sister-in-law introduced my second niece. This niece is much closer and I have a lot more face to face interaction with. The first time I held her she seemed exponentially fragile and my wife laughed at me when I was patting her back and asked if I was doing it too hard, she told me that it wasn’t hard enough and I looked at her like she was psychotic. The first time that I watched them wake her up to eat, in my head, was just shy of war torture! Then when they burped her, I swear it looked like her head was going to pop off! All of this, left me MORTIFIED!!! My wife said that she wishes she had the camera ready for my face at these moments.

Since those initial moments, I have become comfortable with the torturing and near volatile head popping. Now, both of our families continue to say how good of a dad I will be. I am now getting excited at the idea of being a father and my wife and I both have baby fever! Neither of us can wait until we are in a place to begin trying for our first little bundle of joy.

Meeting my niece for the first time!

So for all of you out there that are nervous about becoming a father, take a deep breath, and know that everything changes as soon as there is a little one around, whether it’s yours or someone close to you.



Corey recently graduated CWU with his Masters of Science in Biology, specializing in Developmental Biology. He speaks fluent bear…or at least Meghan says he calls out to them in his sleep.

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  1. Great thoughts Cory. You have always pressed upon your Aunt to be a great everything because you have a great heart. A big heart fill of kindness and love. Stay true and always believe. Love you, blessings Xoxo

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