The Top 5 Baby Bottles on the Market

Every new parent must consider all the things your new baby will need. The sheer amount of stuff your baby needs is overwhelming! You may think a list or journal may help you narrow down your choices, but then you get to the store and there seem to be a million different brands. The choice of baby bottles alone is enough to make a person crazy!

Working as an Early Childhood specialist, I realize how overwhelming it can be to pick the best brand. I have used hundreds of baby products with over 50 individual children. There are many things you must take into account when picking a product, but sometimes a professional’s opinion is needed.

That is why I have decided to create a go-to list of the top 5 baby bottles.

While I love these baby bottles, I do want to remind you that every baby is different and what will work for them is entirely subjective to their development and personality.

I also want to say that while the following opinions are my own, the following list contains links from the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. 

1. Philips Avent Natural

Philips Avent Natural bottles are some of the best bottles I have ever used.

Avent Natural -- Top 5 Baby BottlesThey have an anti-colic design to ensure that the baby does not get extra air from their feeding sessions. This allows them to digest their milk with ease.

Another huge plus is that they do not cause nipple confusion when used in conjuncture with breast-feeding. I’ve used these bottles with both of my nieces; one being bottle-fed and the other being breastfed. Both girls can latch and never seem to get overly gassy from the bottle. For my breastfed niece, it was evident that she had no issue switching back and forth, as she did so with ease.

I love that these bottles are so easy to wash, sanitize, and they are also BPA free.

2. Kiinde Twist

Kiinde Twist baby bottles are a bit different, but I had to include it in my top 5 baby bottles. My sister-in-law asked me to purchase them for her baby shower. Unlike a traditional hard bottle that you must wash and take up space storing, Kiinde Twist bottles hold the milk in a bag that pops into a hard, outer shell for easy feeding.

Kiinde Twist Baby Bottles Starter KitThis not only makes the Kiinde Twist ideal for breastfeeding, but also for formula feeding. The bag keeps extra air out of the milk, resulting in a less gassy baby. The bags can store flat in your fridge and can be sanitized in the microwave.

If you breastfeed your child, these bags can hook onto any breast pump so that the milk is pumped directly into them. This saves time and mess since you don’t have to pour from a bottle into the storage bag.

To add on as a MAJOR bonus, as your baby grows older and starts to eat pureed foods, these bags will also work with the Kiinde Foodii, which allows you to place homemade baby food in the bag, then squeeze onto a spoon attachment or squeeze out of a spout straight into the baby’s mouth!

Kiinde Foodie Pouches Starter KitI think these are some of the coolest bottles I’ve ever used, while also being the most effective.

3. Playtex Ventaire Anti Colic 

Playtex Ventaire Anti Colic  baby bottles have been around for quite a while. Many moms and dads have used them for their little ones throughout the years.Playtex.jpg

Their angled design allows the baby to latch in a semi-upright position in order to lessen spit up, gas, and colic. According to WebMD, bottle-fed babies are often the victims of ear infections, due to pressure put on the ears during feedings while lying down. Since these bottles allow you to feed your baby in a more upright position, they help prevent ear infections!

Playtex also has a NaturaLatch® nipple, allowing breastfeeding and bottle-feeding to occur in harmony without nipple confusion, according to their website.

In my usage of these bottles, I’ve found that their angled design is conducive to multitasking, because you can hold the bottle with the same hand of the arm that the baby is laying on. While that’s great for most moms, (because, seriously, what mom doesn’t have a million things to do?) it does make it harder to remember that you need to focus on your little one during feedings to help create a secure-attachment bond.

4. Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow (Wide Neck)

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow (Wide-Neck) Baby BottlesDr. Brown’s Natural Flow (Wide Neck) bottles have a patented vent system within the bottle that filters the air from the milk and creates a vacuum seal. This allows for equal pressure behind the milk, allowing for relatively easy suckling, while eliminating extra air. This measure reduces gas, spit up, and other digestive troubles in your baby.

These bottles also come in a standard size, with a smaller neck and overall body, but I have found the wide-necked bottles to be more comfortable to hold and easier to use.

However, the grip tends to be less comfortable for my hands than some of the other brands. The babies have to suck harder on these bottles, also. While that’s great for their development, it can result in a frustrated child if they aren’t patient enough to work for it.

5. Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature 

To round out our list of the top 5 baby bottles, I want to include Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature. These bottles have gained a lot of recognition in the last few years, according to Mommyhood101.  These bottles are famous for their colorful, comfortable approach to bottle-feeding. They are better shaped for the hands of the caregiver, so your hands won’t tire out when holding the bottle.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby BottlesSadly, they don’t help with the dead arm you’ll get from holding your baby after they slip into a milk coma. Oh, well.

These bottles also have a venting system to reduce air and a nipple which is proven to have no nipple confusion when used in conjunction with breastfeeding, according to Dr. Juliet Spurrier. You can find her full review of the Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature bottles here.

That said, I find that these baby bottles do have a downside. For some babies, like my youngest niece, the nipples release milk too fast. This means that the baby gets too much milk and can end up spitting up from the sudden intake. While the bottles are more ergonomic, I still struggled with holding these bottles. The bottles are much too wide for my hands.

These bottles are, in my opinion, the best on the market.

baby holding hands baby bottle

For me, these are definitely the top 5 baby bottles on the market. Even if they have a couple of cons, I’ve still found grand success with these bottles and want other moms and dads to feel as though they have the most information they can to make the right choice for their baby. But remember, babies are their own little person and what may work for one, might not work for another.

Do you have another bottle that you love to use? Have you tried any of these brands? Let us know by commenting below or send us an email at!

Meghan recently graduated Central Washington University with her B.A. in Education, specializing in Early Childhood Education and Development and is a certified K-12 teacher. She is fluent in American Sign Language (ASL) and is interested in expanding her knowledge of other international sign languages.


  1. Great choices. You’re right that every baby is different. We had stocked up on Tommee Tippee but Dr. Browns ended up being best for our daughter. Luckily our friends baby loved Tommee Tippee so we were able to gift our bottles to them!

    1. Avent is probably my favorite! Both of my nieces loved them and they do wonderfully for preventing gas bubbles! I recommend them to almost everyone who questions bottle brands! Tommee Tippee are great, also, but they do occasionally create a milk waterfall. That’s the only problem I’ve found with them. That said, it doesn’t happen to all kiddos! It’s really up to your little one to pick the best bottle for them. 😊

    1. Please feel free to direct them to our website, Kara! We will be continuing to post advice for parenting, products, and apps that will make the journey easier! We can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! 😄

  2. I personally have no need for baby bottles, but I’m at the age that all my friends are having babies. So this is helpful information for me to share with them or to use when purchasing a baby gift for them. Thanks!

    1. That’s the beauty of our website, Nicole! You don’t have to be a parent to need the information we provide! Almost everyone knows someone with a baby, toddler, or child. We can all benefit from a little extra knowledge. You’ll never know when it can come in handy. 😊

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